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Creating Your Digital Media Submission


We want to encourage students to use the online communication tool and media format that is the best fit for their original ideas. But how will the judges be able to compare a video game to a music video to a podcast of actors playing out a dramatic script… or to the creative idea you have in mind?

Judges will look at each project for:

1. Creativity: Our judges are looking for original ideas and inventive ways to express those ideas. Show them an idea they aren’t aware of, a new connection between science and human rights, or an innovative approach to solving an intractable human rights challenge!

2. Quality: Have you mastered the specific communication method you chose to use? Or did you throw your project together last night? Excellent production will be evident, no matter what format you have used. Make sure your content is well researched, well written, and thoughtful – and that how you communicate that content is polished. Data ethics and responsible conduct will also be factors. Give credit where due and get informed consent!

3. Communication: What was your message? Who did you want to reach with that message? What impact did you want your project to have? Tell us what your goals were and how you designed the project to accomplish them. Our judges will look for projects that succeeded in meeting their own goals.

Final point breakdown is as follows:
30% Creativity
30% Quality
40% Communication