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Donate to SRHRL

Donations can be made to either the human rights activities or the ethics and law activities of the AAAS Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program. Your support of the Program's work is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Donate to Our Human Rights Activities

From defending the freedom to engage in scientific inquiry to pioneering the application of science and technology to document human rights violations, AAAS is a leader in connecting science, scientists and human rights. Building on its ground-breaking use of DNA analysis and forensic anthropology in the exhumation of mass graves, AAAS has more recently applied information management techniques and geospatial technology to illuminate large-scale human rights violations. AAAS has also developed a volunteer network of scientists and engineers to share their expertise with human rights organizations, and created a Coalition of professional societies to advance the role of scientists and engineers in human rights.

The AAAS-Andrew M. Sessler Fund

The AAAS - Andrew M. Sessler Fund for Science, Education, and Human Rights supports the work of the AAAS Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program and was created to honor the memory of Dr. Andrew M. Sessler. The Fund was established in 2014 by a generous gift from Dr. Sessler’s children, recognizing both his remarkable career as a physicist and his leadership in bringing the voice of scientists to global concerns of human rights and intellectual freedom.

The Fund continues to honor Dr. Sessler’s important legacy by supporting a variety of activities aimed at bridging the scientific, engineering and human rights communities; engaging young and aspiring scientists and engineers in human rights; and increasing the capacity of human rights practitioners to integrate scientific methods and technologies in their work.

Donate to Our Ethics and Law Activities

Since amending its Constitution in 1977 to specifically include "fostering scientific freedom and responsibility" as part of its mission, AAAS had developed a substantial portfolio of work related to the ethical and legal aspects of science and technology. With activities focused on the ethical standards of the conduct of science, on the interconnections among science, technology and law, and on advancing our understanding of the social responsibilities of scientists in an evolving global community, AAAS is respected worldwide for its integration of ethics and law into the work of scientists and engineers.