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Geographic Information Support Team

Item Type: Geodata
Data Type: Multi
Publication Date: 2009


The Geographic Information Support Team (GIST) is an inter-agency initiative that promotes the use of geographic data standards and geographical information systems (GIS) in support of humanitarian relief operations. The GIST also identifies data resources to support preparedness and emergency response. GIST members are technical experts, geographic information specialists and Information management officers from UN and donor agencies involved in disaster management and/or humanitarian assistance. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) acts as the GIST secretariat. To date, membership includes WFP, DPKO, OCHA, UNHCR, FAO, UNICEF, World Bank, WHO, USAID / OFDA, EU – ECHO / JRC, UNDP, DFID.

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Data and Tools
Geographic Information Support Team. Information Technology Outreach Services (ITOS) of the University of Georgia