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News and Articles Covering Our Human Rights Work

Новая информация о применении пыток в тюрьме для политзаключенных Овадан Депе
(Хроника Туркменистана) September 25, 2014

Turkmenistan: Reports Opens Window On Torture
(EurasiaNet) September 24, 2014

Widespread Enforced Disappearances and Torture in Turkmenistan: New reports call for immediate action to ‘Prove They Are Alive!’
(Crude Accountability) September 24, 2014

Satellite imagery reveals increased militarisation in Jaffna
(Tamil Guardian) August 22, 2014

Sri Lanka: Images of Military Zone Reveal No Significant Increase in Public Facilities, AAAS Reports
(AAAS) August 18, 2014

Case Study: Assessing Forced Eviction in Nairobi Using Satellite Imagery
(ESCR-Net) June 9, 2014

Case Study: Investigating Land Use and Land Cover Change in Bahrain
(ESCR-Net) May 21, 2014

AAAS Analysis Confirms Hospital Damage in Syria
(AAAS) May 14, 2014

Looking at Urban Expansion in Bahrain
(NASA) April 22, 2014

AAAS Analysis Finds Major Changes in Land Use and Land Cover in Bahrain
(AAAS) April 21, 2014

AAAS Geospatial Team Conducts Trainings in France and The Gambia
(AAAS) November 15, 2013

Detecting Looming Border Conflicts Using Satellites
(USIP: The Olive Branch) September 10, 2013

Aleppo Satellite Images Reveal Destruction Wrought By Syria War
(Huffington Post) August 7, 2013

Before-and-after pictures show devastation in Syria's Aleppo
(Reuters) August 7, 2013

AAAS Report Shows Steady Escalation of Destruction in Aleppo
(AAAS) August 7, 2013

Conflict in Aleppo, Syria: A Retrospective Analysis
(AAAS Geospatial Technologies and Human Rights Project) August 7, 2013

No Space Flight Required: Panel Describes Broad Spectrum of Space Careers to Middle-Schoolers
(AAAS) June 11, 2013

Careers in Space Science
(AAAS) May 23, 2013

Turkmenistan: Satellites Expose Oil Spills on Caspian Sea
(EurasiaNet) May 7, 2013

AAAS Confirms Recurring Oil Slick in the Caspian Sea
(Azo Clean Tech) May 7, 2013

Innovative Technique Demostrated By AAAS To Confirm Oil Slicks In Turkmenistan
(redOrbit) May 7, 2013

Publicly available imaging technology confirms oil slicks in Turkmenistan
(Science Codex) May 6, 2013

Satellite Images of the Caspian Sea Indicate that Oil Spills and Oil Wealth Rob Citizens of their Environmental and Human Rights in Western Turkmenistan
(Crude Accountability) May 6, 2013

AAAS Leverages Innovative Technique to Confirm Oil Slicks in Turkmenistan
(AAAS) May 6, 2013

10 Years in Darfur: Susan Wolfinbarger Interview
(BBC World Service, BBC NewsDay) April 25, 2013

Shocking Satellite Photos Open New Avenues for Conflict Prevention and Response 
(The ISN Blog) April 25, 2013

The Origins of High Resolution Civilian Satellite Imaging- Part 3: The End Users 
(Directions Magazine) February 21, 2013

Eyes in the sky: Remote sensing in the service of human rights 
Article: Jonathan Drake and Eric Ashcroft
(Physics Today) February 1, 2013

Satelliten im Dienst der Menschenrechte
(Bayern Radio) January 15, 2013

Solved: Mysterious Structures in China Desert Revealed
(Livescience) January 10, 2013

Wolfinbarger, S. and Drake, J. Time Series Satellite Imagery Analysis for Flare Detection in the Niger Delta. In: Recent Developments in Remote Sensing for Human Disaster Mitigation – Natural and Man-made 2013. Editor Chris Lavers. ISBN:9781291224634 

#ICT4HR Report
(World Bank) December 6, 2012

Satellite Pics Reveal Heavy Guns in Syria
(Discovery Blogs) October 18, 2012

Syrian Tanks Pummel Rebel City as Satellites Watch
(Wired) September 25, 2012

Satellite Image Analysis Offers New Insights to Syrian Conflict
(AAAS) September 25, 2012

Calls for more science research for peace
( September 21, 2012

Seeing Through the Fog of War: Monitoring Human Rights Abuses Via Satellite
(PBS NewsHour) August 15, 2012

The World is Watching
(Reader’s Digest, UK) July 2012

Satellites Detect Oil Spill Aftermath from Space
(Scientific American) November 15, 2011

AAAS Analysis of Satellite Images Confirms Devastating Oil Spills Around Nigerian Town
(AAAS) November 10, 2011

Light on Human Rights
(SPIE Professional) October 2011

Remote visual evidence of displacement
(Forced Migration Review) October 2011

Global geospatial group to promote equitable data access
( August 18, 2011

Eyes in the sky
(Geospatial Today) May 2011, pgs 34-35

Report: Torture, starvation rife in North Korea political prisons
(CNN) May 4, 2011

North Korean political prison camps growing
(BBC) May 4, 2011

Images Reveal Scale of North Korean Political Prison Camps
(Amnesty International) May 4, 2011

Claims of Military Shelling of Hospitals
(The Sunday Leader- Sri Lanka) May 1, 2011

The Spies of the Eelam War
(The Sunday Leader- Sri Lanka) April 24, 2011

Siege of the Strategic City of Misurata
(New York Times) April 23, 2011

Satellites can track human rights abuses
(Deccan Herald) April 18, 2011

Satellites can track human rights abuses
(Albuquerque Express) April 18, 2011

Human rights: Use satellite “spy” camera for proof and protection
(Christian Science Monitor) April 13, 2011

Geospatial Technology Allows to Keep Eyes on Nigeria
(Science Newsline) April 5, 2011

Eyes in the sky track Libyan abuses
(Nature News) March 18, 2011

Satellite Streams Screams of Silenced Sacred Stones
(Ararat Magazine) March 14, 2011

The tech behind Libya and Egypt’s revolts
(BBC Focus Magazine) Issue 227 March 10, 2011

First results from satellite watch over Sudan
( February 7, 2011

AAAS Satellite-Image Analysis Confirms Destruction in Negeha, South Darfur
(AAAS) February 3, 2011

Eyes in the Sky
(Geographical Magazine) January 2011

George Clooney-backed satellite project to monitor volatile Sudan
(Christian Science Monitor) December 29, 2010

Satellites for Good: The NGO’s Ultimate Tool
(Fast Company) December 29, 2010

Cultural Oppression in Azerbaijan
(Amnesty USA) December 21, 2010

Satellite images show Azerbaijan annihilates Djulfa cemetery
(Panorama) December 9, 2010

New Satellite Images Confirm Complete Destruction of Djulfa Cemetery
(Asbarez) December 8, 2010

Google Earth Shows Clandestine Worlds
(Science) August 27, 2010

AAAS Image Analysis Corroborates Widespread Destruction in Osh, Kyrgyzstan
(AAAS News Release) June 29, 2010

Satellite Images Reveal Massive Destruction in Kyrgyzstan
(Huffington Post) June 25, 2010

Visualizing the Human Rights Crisis in Northwest Pakistan
(Amnesty USA) June 11, 2010

Amnesty International with AAAS Geo-visualization Techniques for Human Rights Issues in Northwestern Pakistan
(Amnesty International USA) February 22, 2010

Evaluating Atrocities under the Watchful Eye of Satellite Imagery
(Digital Globe) 2010

Tools for Truth Telling
(Science Progress) October 21, 2009

AAAS: Use Science to Boost Human Rights
(JAMA (302)5: 480-481) August 5, 2009

The Truth About Dasht-i-Leili
(NYT) July 13, 2009

US Inaction Seen After Taliban POW’s Died
(NYT) July 10, 2009

Fresh Reports, Imagery Contradict Sri Lanka on Civilian No-Fire Zone
(Washington Post) May 30, 2009

Satellite images of Sri Lanka conflict used in war crimes inquiry
(The Times of London) May 22, 2009

In blood steeped
(The Economist) May 14, 2009

Sri Lanka accused on deaths
(The Age) Sri May 14, 2009

Sri Lanka Attacks Said to Kill Dozens in Hospital
(NYT) May 13, 2009

Tamil war zone hospital hit again
(BBC) May 13, 2009

Civilian anguish in Sri Lanka war (video)
(BBC) May 13, 2009

Rights groups: satellite shows Sri Lanka shelling
(Washington Post) May 13, 2009

Rights Groups: Satellite Shows Sri Lanka Shelling
(San Francisco Chronicle) May 13, 2009

Sri Lanka war hospital ‘hit again’
(Al Jazeera) May 13, 2009

’50 killed’ in new Sri Lanka hospital attack
(The Independent/Associated Press) May 13, 2009

Sri Lanka Says World Duped by Rebels Over Deaths
(Bloomberg) May 13, 2009

Sri Lanka images ‘prove damage’
(BBC) May 13, 2009

Sri Lanka war hospital ‘hit again’
(Al Jazeera) May 13, 2009

Close Read: Maps of the World
(The New Yorker/News Desk blog) May 13, 2009

Red Cross worker killed in Sri Lanka shelling
(The Independent/Reuters) May 13, 2009

Sri Lanka: Satellite images, witnesses show shelling continues
(HRW Press Release) May 12, 2009

Satellite Images Help Aid Groups Track Atrocities
( November 10, 2008

Science Secures Human Rights
(Science Progress blog) October 27, 2008

Georgia villages “torched”, satellite study shows
(Reuters) October 9, 2008

AAAS satellite image analysis reveals South Ossetian damage
(ScienceDaily) October 9, 2008

GIScience for Human Rights
(ArcNews) Fall 2008

Pictures ‘show Georgia torching’
(BBC) August 29, 2008

Georgia breaks ties with Russia
(BBC) August 29, 2008

Georgians uprooted in South Ossetia
(MSNBC) August 29, 2008

Satellite Program Records Darfur Destruction
(PBS NewsHour) August 15, 2008

Good surveillance: satellites watch for human rights abuses
(Ars Technica) June 15, 2008

Group Says Satellite Images Prove Rights Abuses in Ethiopia
(NYT) June 13, 2008

Satellites confirm Ethiopia destruction, group says
(Reuters) June 12, 2008

Images back Ethiopia abuse claim
(BBC) June 12, 2008

US accused of ignoring war crimes
(MSNBC) June 12, 2008

Geospatial Technology: Mapping For Human Rights
(Ping Magazine) March 14, 2008

Rights Watchman Uses Satellite Photography to Monitor Abuse in Crisis Zones
(Wired) Nov. 27, 2007

Myanmar’s Descent, Seen From 150 Miles Up
(NYT) Sept. 29, 2007

Satellite Images May Show Myanmar Abuses
(Washington Post) (Miami Herald) Sept. 28, 2007

Violence in Myanmar Exposed By Satellite Images
(National Geographic) Sept. 28, 2007

Satellite Images Catch Human-Rights Violations in Burma
(Technology Review) Sept. 28, 2007

An Eye in the Sky on Burma
(Time) Sept. 28, 2007

Satellite Photos May Prove Abuses in Myanmar
(CNN) Sept. 28, 2007

Satellites Focus on Abuses in Myanmar
(MSNBC) Sept. 28, 2007

Satellite Images Corroborate Eyewitness Accounts of Human Rights Abuses in Burma
(AAAS) Sept. 28, 2007

Monitor Darfur from your living room
(Foreign Policy) June 18, 2007

Darfur crisis rages on 4 years later
(Rutland Herald) June 17, 2007

Satellite images put all eyes on Darfur
( June 14, 2007

Amnesty uses commercial satellite imagery to monitor Darfur
(Jane’s) June 13, 2007

These Satellite Images Document an Atrocity
(Washington Post) June 10, 2007

Amnesty Launches ‘Eyes on Darfur’ Site
(Washington Post) June. 7, 2007

Satellite Imagery for Conflict Prevention and Human Rights
(AAAS) Dec. 6, 2006

Monitoring human rights? Get a satellite.
(Christian Science Monitor) June 22, 2006

Zimbabwe: Satellite Images Provide Shocking Evidence of the Obliteration of a Community
(Amnesty International) – Includes links to satellite imagery and on-the-ground footage. May 31, 2006

Satellite images reveal evidence of Zimbabwe demolitions
(Guardian) May 31, 2006

Satellite imagery used to spot human rights abuses
(Kottke) May 31, 2006

Suffering Persists After Zimbabwe Razing Campaign
(NPR) May 31, 2006

Pioneering AAAS Project Finds Strong Evidence of Zimbabwe Repression
(AAAS) May 30, 2006 – Includes interviews with some AAAS staff. See also the press release on EurekAlert.

New AAAS Project Will Explore Geospatial Technology and Human Rights
(AAAS) Jan. 27, 2006

Amnesty Releases ‘Irrefutable’ Evidence of Zimbabwe Demolition Impact
(VOA) May 30, 2006 – Includes interviews with Amnesty staff.

Horror in Zimbabwe
(Washington Times)

Zimbabwe demolition images shown
(BBC) May 31, 2006

Satellite to Document Rights Abuses in Burma


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