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Judicial Seminars on the Opioid Epidemic

AAAS, supported by the Dana Foundation, is piloting judicial seminars on the Opioid Crisis for state judges. We have singled out state judges because they are the ones who see the results of opioid addiction on a daily basis, for example, in criminal or family court. The goal of these seminars is to familiarize judges with the neuro-, clinical- and social-science aspects of opioid abuse and addiction.

Seminars can either be half-day or a full-day and are designed to coincide with regularly planned state judicial education meetings.

Topics Include

The Neuroscience of Opioid Addiction
Treatment of Opioid Addiction

Additional Topics May Include

The Sociology and Demographics of Opioid Addiction
The Behavioral Consequences of Opioid Addiction
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
The Treatment of Pain