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Advocacy, Meet Academia: Connecting Disciplines to Improve Human Rights Research
(OpenGlobalRights) August 2018

New AAAS Hotline offers Scientific Expertise for Human Rights Groups.
(AAAS News) April 2018

Ward, experto en armas químicas: "En Siria hay un uso sistemático de agentes nerviosos". Interview in Spanish with OCS volunteer Keith Ward.
(El Periódico) May 2017

Chemical Weapons Use in Jebel Marra. This article is co-authored by OCS volunteers Jennifer Knaack and Keith Ward. 
(Public Interest Report, Federation of American Scientists) Spring 2017

Death by Chemicals: The Syrian Government's Widespread and Systematic Use of Chemical Weapons. This report cites work by OCS volunteer Keith Ward. 
(Human Rights Watch) May 2017

Volunteering: Pro bono science
(Nature) October 2016

Scorched Earth, Poisoned Air: Sudanese Government Forces Ravage Jebel Marra, Darfur. OCS volunteers Jennifer Knaack and Keith Ward contributed to this report. 
(Amnesty International) September 2016

"Human Rights in Maryland Rent Courts" Study Highlights Need for More Access to Justice for Low-Income Marylanders. OCS volunteer Art Kendall contributed to this report. 
(Maryland Legal Aid) September 2016

Scientists and engineers as partners in protecting human rights
(openGlobalRights) August 2016

Oil Extraction in Colombia: Report Reveals the Human and Environmental Costs of Black Gold. This report cites work by OCS volunteer Roberto Marin.
(FIDH) July2016

Nigeria: Babies and children dying in military detention. This report cites work by OCS volunteer Tal Simmons.
(Amnesty International) June 2016

#WaterIsAHumanRight: Human Rights to Water and Sanitation. OCS volunteer Brian Shmaefsky contributed to this report. 
(US Human Rights Network) March 2016

Byen Konte, Mal Kalkile? Human Rights and Environmental Risks of Gold Mining in Haiti. This report was advised by an OCS volunteer.
(Center for Human Rights and Global Justice) February 2016

Syria: New Chemical Attacks in Idlib. This report was advised by OCS volunteer Keith Ward.
(Human Rights Watch) June 2015

Reasons for Displacement: Documenting Abuses Against Syrian Civilians
(ABA Rule of Law Initiative) January 2014

Reasons for Displacement: Documenting Abuses Against Syrian Civilians. This report was advised by OCS volunteer Mary Gray.
(ABA Rule of Law Initiative) January 2014

On-call Scientists matches psychologists with human rights groups
(APA Upfront) December 2014

Attacks on Ghouta: Analysis of Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria. This report cites work by OCS volunteer Keith Ward.
(Human Rights Watch) September 2013

Syria: Possible International Armed Intervention After Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack
(Amnesty International) August 2013

The Power of Numbers
(AU News) June 13, 2013

A Human Rights Analysis of the Federal Debt Debates. Podcast with OCS volunteer James Heintz.
(NESRI) August 10, 2011

Science-Rights Coalition Has Global Impact in First Year
(Science) February 2010

Geologists in Africa as Part of AAAS On-Call Scientists/Other News and Updates
(AGI Monthly Review) January, 2010

AAAS Program Finds Early Success Connecting Scientists, Human Rights Organizations
(AAAS) December 10, 2009

On-Call Scientists
(Chemical & Engineering News) December 4, 2008

"On-call" Scientists: AAAS Initiative Connects Scientists with Human Rights Organizations
(AAAS) November 25, 2008

Press Release: AAAS Science and Human Rights Program Recruits "On-call" Scientists and Engineers
(AAAS) November 17, 2008

"On-Call" Scientists Project Promotes, Protects Human Rights
( November 9, 2008

Scientists and rights: Researchers should support new initiatives aimed at engaging them with human-rights groups.
(Nature) November 6, 2008

Online Database Unites Science and Human Rights
(Science and Development Network) October 29, 2008

Science Secures Human Rights: Researchers and Advocates Link Violations to Data Points
(Center for American Progress) October 27, 2008