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Ongoing and Completed Projects

All ongoing and completed projects are listed below by human rights organization.

Ongoing Projects

American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative - Statistician to design monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools for human rights programs and to conduct trainings for staff. (Global)

American Friends Service Committee - Curriculum developer to analyze and assist with revision of human rights curriculum. (USA)

Amnesty International – Biochemist to analyze testimony on exposure to herbicides, pesticides, and other chemical agents. (Country withheld)

Amnesty International USA - Forensic medical expert, statistician, computer scientist and social media analyst to advice the crisis response team. (Global)

Environmental Defender Law Center - Chemical engineer, environmental engineer with expertise in air quality, and ecologists to review environmental impact reports for proposed mining operations and proposed expansion of a power plant. (Romania). Environmental engineer with expertise in hazardous materials management to advise on new environmental protection regulations. (China)

Freedom House - Sociologist to provide a literature review identifying studies conducted to date on the effectiveness of different interventions intended to stop torture. (Middle East/North Africa). Data scientist to help build a database for use in monitoring persecution of human rights defenders and assessing the effectiveness of interventions. (Global). Psychologist to provide training to human rights workers on working with survivors of severe trauma. (Global)

Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti - Physician with experience in global health and infectious diseases to assist in advocacy for the rights of patients infected with cholera. Engineer to advise on best practices for designing and maintaining sanitary systems. Public health expert to manage a database of case histories. (Haiti)

International Bridges to Justice - Statistician to design a policy analysis methodology that will assess societal costs of human rights violations during detention. (Burundi, Cambodia)

International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD) - Psychologist and sociologist to consult on research regarding the community health impacts of discrimination. (Global)

International Center for Not-for-Profit Law – Social scientists matched to advise on research protocol and assessment tools for projects on impact of restrictive laws on NGOs. (Middle East and North Africa)

International Senior Lawyers Project – Hydrologist and geologist to review environmental and social impact assessment relating to oil and gas development on land in the Kerio Valley. (Kenya)

Maryland Legal Aid Bureau - Statistician to develop human rights monitoring and evaluation process for Housing as a Human Rights project. (USA)

Namati – Biologist to advise on environmental impact of rubber plantation on soil quality and water sources. (Sierra Leone) 

Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court- Psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers to conduct psycho-social assessments of victims the ICC would like to interview as part of their investigations into war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Specialists in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with at least five years experience are needed to conduct assessments (mainly in Africa, but also in Europe).

Oxford Coalition for Social Justice - Chemist with expertise in water quality to review environmental impact mitigation proposals for a landfill proposed to be built near an indigenous community. (Canada)

Physicians for Human Rights - Roster of psychologists and physicians to document torture and abuse in asylum cases. (USA)

Survivors of Torture, International - Roster of psychologists and physicians to document torture and abuse in asylum cases. (USA)

WITNESS - Computer engineer to help develop mobile technologies for human rights defenders. (Global)

United Nations Institute for Training and Research-Operational Satellite Applications Programme - Agroecologist, anthropologist, medical professional and structural engineer to assist its Citizen Cyberlab project. The project aims to find ways to crowdsource in-depth analysis by transferring the knowledge of experts to the crowd. The system will consist of a series of modules covering topics such as environmental conditions, living conditions, building damage, health, etc., that can be adapted and deployed quickly for rapid assessment of media coming out of a disaster. (Global)

Completed Projects

American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative - Social psychologist advised on survey methods for assessing a community’s transitional priorities. (Mali) Statistician advised on survey methods for documenting, monitoring, and evaluating human rights violations. (Syria)

American Friends Service Committee - Epidemiologist matched to analyze results from a pre- and post-test on student knowledge of human rights. (USA)

Amnesty International USA - Forensic anthropologist and forensic digital image analyst reviewed digital evidence uploaded from conflict areas. (Syria)

Amnesty International – Forensic anthropologist provided analysis on postmortem intervals of deaths in military detention. (Nigeria)

Bank Information Center - Biologist to review biodiversity section of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. (Mongolia)

Environmental Defender Law Center - Industrial and chemical engineers and soil and water experts matched to review technical reports for attorney in an oil spill cleanup case. (Country withheld)

Global Rights - Economist provided a statistical evaluation of the psychological impacts on children involved in extraction mining. Geologist assessed impacts of mining on local ecology. (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Human rights program at the Institute of International Education - Economist provided information on economic theories of "efficiency" as well as other economic concepts, and their implications for governments' budget revenue and expenditures vis-a-vis human rights. (Global)

Human Rights Watch - Biochemist to verify and assess online videos alleging attacks on civilians. (Syria)

Montana Innocence Project - Experts in forensic and DNA analysis, and crime reconstruction consulted on wrongful conviction cases. (USA)

National Economic and Social Rights Initiative - Economist evaluated potential funding mechanisms for a county-level health program consistent with the human right to health. (USA)

Nebraska Innocence Project - DNA analyst matched to evaluate whether re-testing of DNA evidence is warranted. (USA)

New England Innocence Project - DNA expert evaluated evidence for innocence claims. (USA)

North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services - Physician reviewed evidence for post-conviction claim of innocence. (USA)

Ohio Innocence Project - Serologist, neurologist and expert in shaken baby syndrome reviewed evidence for innocence claims. (USA)

Pennsylvania Innocence Project - DNA expert reviewed evidence for innocence claims. (USA)

p.h. balanced films - Statistician to design survey methodology and impact assessment tools, and to analyze data, for documentary films on human rights issues. (Global)

RFK Memorial Center for Justice and Human Rights - Economist developed indicators to assess whether human rights standards are being met. (Country withheld)

US Human Rights Network – Health professional and statistician identified and analyzed data on women’s rights for a report to the UN Working Group on the Issue of Discrimination against Women in Law and in Practice ahead of its visit to the United States. (USA)        

Washington Innocence Project - Ballistics expert and statistician reviewed evidence for post-conviction innocence claim. (USA)