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SRHRL Past Projects: Research Ethics

AAAS has been dedicated to promoting research ethics by providing guidance and educational materials to research administrators, scientists and students. The exchange of information and research collaboration often occur across borders.  Science is a global enterprise that excels by virtue of sharing and building upon knowledge. As the structure of the international environment changes, so do the practices of the scientific community.  From the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, to the rise of China in the 21st century, AAAS has examined how responsible science can be fostered in the international arena. The Program has engaged in a number of projects to promote research integrity and ethic, as well as focused on research misconduct.

Research Ethics

[2004] Developing Policy on Institutional Conflicts of Interest Conference
AAAS cosponsored an event with University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Association of American Universities, Association of American Medical Colleges, National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, and the Office for Human Research Protections, on the establishment of institutional conflict of interest policies.

[2001] Legal Issues and Strategies for Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct
AAAS hosted a conference on legal issues and strategies for responding to allegations of research misconduct. Changes in regulatory policy and recent litigation regarding research misconduct have complicated the legal environment for the federal government, colleges and universities

[2000] Should there be an Oath for Scientists and Engineers?
The rapid and enormous expansion of science and technology in the twentieth century has brought with it an increased awareness of the potential impact of the products of scientific discovery on society and the environment. One of the issues that has emerged from this attention to the consequences of scientific research is whether scientists and engineers should swear to an oath of ethical conduct.

[2000] Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct: Inquiry, Investigations, and Outcomes
In anticipation of a federal-wide definition and policy for research misconduct in 2000, AAAS convened a practicum on research misconduct, where participants had the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience and interact with colleagues and government officials.

[2000] The Role and Activities of Scientific Societies in Promoting Research Integrity
This conference examined the role of scientific societies in influencing the ethical climate for research.  Questions such as the following were addressed: What are the responsibilities of scientific societies to foster responsible research practices? In what concrete ways do the scientific societies promote research integrity? How effective are these efforts?

[1996, 2000] Integrity in Scientific Research Videos
These videos are designed to help improve the ability of scientists, post-doctoral fellows, undergraduate and graduate students, administrators, and technicians to develop informed and well-reasoned responses to ethical issues that arise in scientific research.

[1994] The Role of Scientific and Engineering Societies in Eastern Europe
The democratic and economic transition in Eastern Europe has far-reaching implications for science and for scientists, who have gained greater professional autonomy and new possibilities to participate in policymaking and to develop standards of conduct.

[1993] Evaluating Science and Scientists: An East-West Dialogue on Research Evaluation in Post-Communist Europe
The political and economic transformation of Eastern Europe has had a major impact on science and scientists in the region. The end of the Cold War has brought new opportunities for international collaboration. The shift to a market economy has led to reforms in research management practices and to drastic cuts in funding levels everywhere.

[1991-1992] Breaking from the Past: Setting New Ground Rules for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility in East-Central Europe and the Russian Federation
In the interest of investigating the impact of political and economic changes on scientific freedom and responsibility, AAAS sponsored a project in Fall 1991 to determine what scientists, engineers, science journalists, and policy makers viewed as the most pressing concerns about scientific freedom and responsibility in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Russia.

[1991] Minority Perspectives on Values and Ethics in Science and Technology
With funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Mental Health, AAAS and 17 other organizations sponsored a Summer 1991 workshop on values and ethical issues in science and technology for minority scholars. Our primary goal was to attract more minorities into research on these issues.

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