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The Program has published a number of books and reports that are available online and for purchase. These resources are listed below by topic. In addition, the Program publishes two newsletters that are available online. To request a print copy of one of the Program’s publications, please email us your order and include “SRHRL Publication” in the subject line. Please do not fax your orders. Payment for publications can be made with a check or credit card. Payment must be received before your order will be shipped.


Professional Ethics Report

Professional Ethics Report (PER), which has been in publication since 1988, reports on news, events, programs, activities, and resources related to professional ethics issues, with a particular focus on those professions whose members are engaged in scientific research and its applications. Each quarterly issue is comprised of a cover story addressing one particular issue or event, sometimes written by an expert outside the AAAS; a series of in the news stories; brief updates from the societies; and resources and announcements.

Science and Human Rights Report

The Science and Human Rights Report (SHRR) is a monthly newsletter intended to keep scientists, engineers and human rights practitioners informed of news, program updates, upcoming events and new resources relevant to the intersection of science, technology and human rights. Inclusion of a specific news item, event or resource is not intended to suggest our endorsement of the views expressed therein. Submissions to the newsletter are welcome and can be made via email.

Reports, Books and Videos


Armed Conflict & Human Rights

Economic, Social & Cultural Rights

Ethics & Human Rights

Genetics & Medicine

  • Behavioral Genetics. Catherine Baker, 2004. (First copy is complimentary; For multiple copies: $8.00/ea)
  • Designing Our Descendants: The Promises and Perils of Genetic Modifications. Edited by Audrey R. Chapman and Mark S. Frankel, 2004. Available through Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Human Inheritable Genetic Modifications: Assessing Scientific, Ethical, Religious, and Policy Issues. Mark S. Frankel and Audrey R. Chapman, September 2000.
  • Exploring Public Policy Issues in Genetics. Mark S. Frankel, 1997.
  • Personalized Medicine: Prescriptions and Prospects. Edited by Joanna Hawana and Deborah Runkle, 2011. 
  • The Genetic Frontier: Ethics, Law, and Policy. Mark S. Frankel and Albert Teich, 1994.
  • The Genome, Ethics and the Law: Issues in Genetic Testing. American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Bar Association, 1992.
  • Wresting with Behavioral Genetics: Science, Ethics, and Public Conversation. Edited by Erik Parens, Audrey R. Chapman, and Nancy Press, 2006. Available through Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Your Genes, Your Choice: Exploring the Issues Raised by Genetic Research. Catherine Baker, 1999.

Geospatial Technologies

Health & Human Rights

  • Age is No Protection: Prevalence of gender-based violence among men and women over 49 years of age in five situations of protracted displacement (2017)
  • Core Obligations Related to the Right to Health and Their Relevance for South Africa. Explorting the Core Content of Socio-Economic Rights: South Africa and International Perspectives. Audrey R. Chapman, 2002.
  • Exploring a Human Rights Approach to Health Care Reform. Audrey R. Chapman, 1993.
  • Health Care and Information Ethics: Protecting Fundamental Human Rights. Audrey R. Chapman, 1997.
  • Health Services for the Treatment of Torture and Trauma Survivors. Janet Gruschow and Kari Hannibal, 1990.
  • Human Rights and Helath: The Legacy of Apartheid. Audrey R. Chapman and Leonard S. Rubenstein, 1998.
  • Human Rights in Global Health: Team-Based Learning Education Resource for Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows. AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition Working Group on Education and Information Resources. November 2015.
  • Core Obligations Related to the Right to health and Their Relevance for South Africa. Explorting the Core Content of Socio-Economic Rights: South Africa and International Perspectives. Audrey R. Chapman, 2002.
  • Serving Survivors of Torture. Glenn R. Randall and Ellen L. Lutz, 1991.
  • The Breaking of Bodies and Minds: Torture, Psychiatric Abuse, and the Health Professions. Eric Stover and Elena O. Nightingale, 1985.
  • The Right to Health: A Resource Manual for NGOs. Judith Asher. 2004. ($15.00)
  • Turning a Blind Eye? Medical Accountability and the Prevention of Torture in South Africa. Mary Rayner, 1987.

Human Rights Indicators

Neuroscience & the Law

Research, Policy & Emerging Technologies

Responsibility & Research Integrity

Science & Technology for Human Rights

Scientific Freedom

Statistics & Human Rights

  • Data Analysis for Monitoring Human Rights. Louise Spirer and Herbert F. Spirer. 1994. ($15.00)
  • Who Did What to Whom? Planning and Implementing a Large Scale Human RIghts Data Project. Patric Ball,1996.