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USHMM — Crisis in Darfur

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Website Description: In partnership with Google Earth, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is releasing compelling new visual evidence of the destruction in Darfur. New information from the U.S. State Department identifies more than 3,300 Darfur villages as damaged or completely destroyed, twice the number that were confirmed when Crisis in Darfur launched in 2007. The data now include for most of the villages the exact year or a year range when they were destroyed. This confirms that over 2,000 villages were destroyed by 2005, marking the height of the conflict.

This project is directly associated with the following:

US Holocaust Memorial Museum Mapping Initiative
The Museum’s Mapping Initiatives use tools such as Google Earth and animated maps to enable citizens to understand Holocaust history…

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Data and Tools
European Commission Joint Research Center Fuzzy Matcher. European Commission Joint Research Center

Sudan Interagency Mapping data.

MODIS imaging data. NASA