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About the AAAS Center for Scientific Responsibility and Justice

The AAAS Center for Scientific Responsibility and Justice empowers scientists and engineers to pursue justice by advancing trustworthy science – science that is conducted and communicated responsibly, upholding the values of scientific freedom and human rights, including the right of everyone to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress. Previously known as the Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law program, the Center provides support for scientists to help them apply the values of trustworthy science in their daily work; works to increase trust in science with communities that have not benefitted from scientific progress; and develops and sustains infrastructures and institutions that promote, protect, and defend scientific freedom and responsibility. To realize a world where we can achieve scientific excellence responsibly, ethically and inclusively to broaden our impact on society and uphold the rights and dignity of everyone, the Center aims to build an ecosystem where trustworthy science can thrive.

Program Staff

Drake, Jonathan Headshot

Jonathan Drake

Senior Program Associate

Headshot of Alain Norman

Alain Norman

Senior Program Associate, Science and the Law