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Visiting Scholar FAQ

Do I need to be a AAAS member to apply to be a Visiting Scholar?

  • Visiting Scholars are expected to be AAAS members when they apply to participate in the program.  In specific circumstances, the membership requirement may be waived.  Please contact the appropriate department liaison for further information.

How would I be compensated during my time as a Visiting Scholar?

  • Visiting Scholars serve as representatives of their home institutions or as independent researchers.  In either case, each Visiting Scholar should expect to receive compensation and funding through his or her home institution or through independent resources.  AAAS is neither liable nor obligated to provide financial compensation to Visiting Scholars.

Would I have an office, phone number, and email account through AAAS?

  • Office space is dependent on the host department’s ability to provide it.  In most cases, offices that are available will be shared.  A phone is also contingent on the needs of the department.  Visiting Scholars will, however, receive a AAAS email in order to stay current with events around the building and throughout AAAS.

How will AAAS address my IT needs, including a computer?

  • Visiting Scholars will be able to use the resources provided to them by their host department. In some cases, this may mean providing a desktop computer.  This will be determined by each department on an individual basis. IT needs are determined by the nature of the proposed study/project and by the host department.  These details must be discussed with the department liaison as part of the application process.

May my affiliation as a Visiting Scholar be part-time or full-time?

  • Each department will determine whether the Visiting Scholar is onsite either part-time or full-time, based on the proposed study/project need and the capacity of the host department.  

What is the duration of the visit?

  • The maximum term is one year. The actual length of a Visiting Scholar’s stay may be less than one year depending on the host department and the proposed study/projects.

To learn more about the program, visit the general information page.