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Visiting Scholar Program at AAAS

AAAS is pleased to announce its new Visiting Scholar Program. This program provides a unique opportunity for scientists, policy specialists, and other experts to further their scholarly endeavors for up to one year at AAAS headquarters in Washington, DC. Through a competitive selection process, AAAS seeks to host the best talent in the field, which will enrich the Visiting Scholar’s own work and the ability of AAAS to fulfill its mission.

In AAAS’ welcoming, collegial environment, this program offers an unparalleled opportunity to:

  • Further the AAAS mission to "advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people."
  • Serve as a valued advisor.
  • Engage in collaboration between AAAS staff and external colleagues.
  • Encourage interest in scholarly endeavors through AAAS.

We anticipate study and project proposals to be varied and diverse. Subject areas for Visiting Scholars are limited only by the bounds of the AAAS mission, and may range from science education to science diplomacy; from the intersection of science and the public to sustainability.

The Visiting Scholar program is expected to provide an enriching experience for both AAAS and the Visiting Scholar. Visiting Scholars may be invited to present their works-in-progress to peers including AAAS staff and, if appropriate, the public. At the end of his or her term, each Visiting Scholar will be asked to provide a report on the process and results of his or her study or project while at AAAS.

Visiting Scholars generally serve as representatives of their home institutions or as independent researchers. In either case, each Visiting Scholar should expect to receive compensation and funding through their home institutions or through independent resources. AAAS will provide the Visiting Scholar with office space and standard IT setup.

Applications to this program must include the following and will be reviewed accordingly:

  • Clear exposition of the proposed study or project to be undertaken, with a work plan including detailed information about its stage of progress and about what remains to be done.
  • Proposed study/project will be reviewed based on its quality and significance, its relevance to current AAAS programs, as well as its ability to help AAAS achieve its mission and goals.
  • Intellectual distinction of the applicant’s previous work or demonstrated capacity to undertake proposed study/project at the highest levels.
  • References, including a support letter from institutional or departmental head (if representing an institution), or 2-3 reference letters if on independent study

For more information and the opportunity to apply to this program, please contact the manager of the appropriate AAAS area of interest to you. You can also visit the Visiting Scholar FAQ page.