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Editorial Policy, Science Magazine

The Board of Directors is committed to maintaining Science as the foremost American journal for the advancement of science. The journal must, in all respects, continue to communicate with and for the scientific community according to the highest standards of objectivity and professional responsibility. It is the Board's responsibility to select the Editor-in-Chief and to obtain assurance, from time to time, that these objectives and criteria of quality are being met.

The Executive Officer, as publisher and chief operating officer of the Association, will exercise general management responsibility and, in close cooperation with the Editor-in-Chief, will see to the strengthening and improvement of Science as a primary activity of the AAAS.

The Editor-in-Chief, on behalf of the Board, and in accordance with policies established by the Council, is responsible for the content and professional quality of Science, and will determine the merit, suitability, and presentation of material for the journal, taking into account recommendations of reviewers and referees. The Editor-in-Chief will consult the Board from time to time as to plans and policies for Science. At least once each year the Board will review the state of the journal and will receive a comprehensive report from the Editor-in-Chief, including the views of the Editorial Board.

[Adopted by the AAAS Board of Directors, April 4, 1975. Endorsed by the AAAS Council, February 21, 1976. Revised by the AAAS Board of Directors, June 11, 1993.]