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Reality TV show won't develop Mexico

What Mexico needs to do in order to develop its potential resources and innovate and grow, is to invest its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in science. That is what countries such as Korea, Spain, and more recently Brazil, India and of course China have done.

Countries belonging to the Organization of Economic and Co-operation and Development (OECD), dedicate 2.24 percent of their GDP to research and development. But Mexico has dedicated less than 0.5 percent of the GDP over the last 10 years, reports the OECD.

Instead of investing in science, the Mexician government has focused on investing more than $100 million in paseo devaluation and inflation, and in fighting drug wars, while decreasing the budgets dedicated to universities, education and research centers. For example, Manuel Martínez Fernández chair of the National Network of Councils and Organizations of Science and Technology, announced in 2009 the nation could afford a level 4 laboratory able to diagnose epidemic influenza virus H1N1.

So what is the government doing to address the health and environmental problems plaguing the nation? It recently teamed up with Mexican TV for a live reality show called 'Iniciativa México.' Cotestents come up with solutions to quality of life, community development, environment, justice and human rights and good governance and accountability. And like reality shows in the U.S., audiences vote for their favorites. The winner get's $2 million and the four finalists get $1 million a piece.

I fear without government investment in science my country's future is in doubt. What do you think?

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