The U.S.-Iran Symposium on Air Pollution in Megacities

Date Published: 
27 Feb 2014

The U.S.-Iran Symposium on Air Pollution in Megacities was convened on September 3-5, 2013, at the Beckman Center in Irvine, California.

The symposium brought together more than forty Iranian and American air pollution, transportation, and sustainability scientists in addition to interdisciplinary researchers in order to foster new academic collaborations and for the two countries to share the latest information on tools, research and regulatory policies in the field of air pollution.  Throughout the two days and six panels, participants discussed topics ranging from air pollution chemistry and modeling to human health effects, as well as promising pollution control and remediation policies and technologies.  

The symposium was hosted by the Center for Science, Technology and Security Policy (CSTSP) of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the University of Southern California (USC), and the U.S. National Academies, with funding from the Richard Lounsbery Foundation and the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP).   

All participant-speakers developed papers based on these presentations, which form the basis for the Proceedings document.

In addition, we have made available the presentations which took place during the symposium, as well as the technical agenda the biographies of all participants. 

Symposium Documents

Technical Agenda and Speaker Biographies



Sesson 1. Characterizing Air Pollution: Chemistry and Modeling of Air Pollutants

Sesson 2. Emissions Estimates and Monitoring of Urban Air Pollution

Session 3. Case Studies on Specific Urban Areas: Understanding the Roles of Key Economic, Geographic, and Urban Design Inputs in the Pollution Characterization or Mitigation Scenarios

Session 4. Health Impacts of Air Pollution

Session 5. Abatement Strategies and Solutions to Air Pollution Challenges

Session 6. Challenges Going Forward: Climate Change and Urban Growth