AAAS Report XXXVIII: Research and Development FY 2014: Tables

Date Published: 
01 Jun 2013




FY 2014

Intersociety Working Group

List of Tables

Overview Tables

Table I-1. FY 2014 Budget by Agency

Table I-2. Distribution of the FY 2014 Budget

Table I-3. Historical Trends in R&D and Federal Outlays

Table I-4. Major Functional Categories of R&D

Table I-5. Defense and Nondefense R&D by Character of Work

Table I-6. Federal Homeland Security R&D by Agency

Table I-7. R&D Funding by Congressional Appropriations Subcommittee

Table I-8. Interagency Science and Technology Initiatives

Table I-9. R&D at Colleges and Universities

Table I-10. Historical Tables: Federal R&D by Agency, FY 2004-2014

Agency Tables

Table II-1. FY 2014 Budget by Agency and Character of Work

Table II-2. Department of Defense

Table II-3. DOD R&D by Military Departments and Agencies

Table II-4. Department of Defense Basic Research (“6.1″)

Table II-5. Department of Defense “S&T” (“6.1″-”6.3″)

Table II-6. Department of Homeland Security

Table II-7. National Science Foundation

Table II-8. Department of Health and Human Services

Table II-9. National Institutes of Health by Institute

Table II-10. National Institutes of Health by Funding Mechanism

Table II-11. Department of Energy

Table II-12. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Table II-13. U.S. Department of Agriculture

Table II-14. Department of Commerce

Table II-15. Department of Transportation

Table II-16. Department of the Interior

Table II-17. Environmental Protection Agency

Table II-18. Department of Education

Table II-19. Department of Veterans Affairs

Historical Tables

Table III-1. Dept. of Defense

Table III-2. Military Departments and Agencies

Table III-3. National Science Foundation

Table III-4. National Institutes of Health

Table III-5. Department of Energy

Table III-6. US Department of Agriculture

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