Future Opportunities for Bioengagement in the MENA Region

Date Published: 
15 Oct 2013

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Center for Science, Technology, and Security Policy (CSTSP) received a grant from the Naval Postgraduate School, a part of the Department of Defense, to identify new opportunities and approaches for future bioengagement in the MENA region based on consultations with bioengagement, scientific, health experts from the U.S. and MENA countries.

AAAS held regional consultations in Morocco (with North African participants) and Jordan (with Middle East participants) wherein regional and U.S. experts discussed gaps in bioengagement, suggested opportunities for future engagement, and explored metrics of effectiveness and long-term impact of bioengagement efforts. To facilitate these discussions, AAAS supported a collaborative grant that evaluated the impact of regional laboratory biosafety and biosecurity efforts, and commissioned two papers to identify lessons learned from past and current regional efforts and suggest new approaches for future bioengagement.

In addition to the main document, the following roadmap describes how each organization and sector could effectively support and/or implement the recommendations to enhance future bioengagement between U.S. and MENA countries.