Reports from CAIP Affiliates: Entomological Society of America

Date Published: 
18 Nov 2017

Committee on International Affairs – Purpose from Bylaws:

The purpose of this Committee shall be to make members aware of the international aspects of entomology as a science and profession. The committee shall recommend to the Governing Board actions and policies pertaining to international activities and liaisons with other national or international groups with similar interests. It shall represent the interests of members residing outside the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Activities in 2004

1. International Affairs Display at ESA Annual Meeting

At every Annual Meeting since the committee was founded, we have sponsored an information table, usually near registration. A pattern has developed where we collaborate with the International Congress Display and arrange to have adjoining tables. Our display always emphasizes all aspects of international entomology. The theme for 2004 was invasive species. We have made contacts with the International Research Facilities and highlight their annual reports and information brochures. We promote international career opportunities in organizations such as the Peace Corps. We also provide information on international pest problems and provide literature from agencies such as APHIS and the Forest Service. The display has also become a focal point for international graduate students, and researchers with a particular interests in international entomology.

2. ESA Representation at ICE
The Vice Chair attended ICE 2004 and prepared a letter-sized handout of a poster to distribute. Pending arrangements with the Society, the committee plans to be the liaison between the host for 2008 Congress and the ESA. 2004 Chair Gary Bernon made arrangements with representatives of the 2008 International Congress (South Africa) to be their representatives at the ESA Annual Meeting. This is a new involvement for the IAC and will benefit the ESA and the ICE.

In addition, ESA received a grant from the National Science Foundation to sponsor the participation of 21 junior scientists at the 2004 ICE in Brisbane. All registration and travel fees were paid, thus allowing these entomologists to present their research, learn from others, and meet entomologists from around the world.

3. Memberships for Entomologists in Developing Countries

The Governing Board approved a proposal whereby members at our President’s Circle level can sponsor a member from a UNDP – designated country. This option will be implemented in 2005.

4. Gratis Subscriptions to Entomologists in Developing Countries
ESA provided 15 gratis online journal subscriptions in 2004 to entomologists in developing countries. The committee on International Affairs identified the respective recipients. In its selections, the committee was particularly attentive to the federal government’s efforts to promote higher education in Iraq. Thus, six subscriptions were issued to faculty there. Other subscriptions were provided to entomologists in Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, the Philippines, Senegal, and South Africa.


Committee on International Affairs will meet at each ESA Annual Meeting:
November 6-9, 2004 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
December 10-14, 2006 – Indianapolis, IN