The State of Science Policy

Date Published: 
01 May 2013

A Festschrift on the occasion of the retirement of Albert H. Teich

On December 15, 2011, AAAS held a symposium to honor Albert H. Teich upon his retirement from the association after 32 years of service. An account of the symposium itself was written up for the website and is available here.

Like this volume, the symposium was intended as an exploration of contemporary topics in science policy.  Over the course of a distinguished career, Al made contributions both broad and deep to the field.  The range and significance of his contributions are reflected only in part by the topics and authors in this book, as well as the speakers and attendees of the symposium.

Al started at AAAS in 1980 as Manager of Science Policy Studies.  AAAS had by that time begun a number of its still-ongoing efforts in connecting the science and engineering communities to the world of policy and broader societal interests, including having established several Board-appointed committees. The Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy (COSEPP) had been established in 1973; the AAAS-American Bar Association National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists had been established in 1974; the Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (CSFR) had been established in 1976.  Also, several signature programs had begun, including the S&T Policy Fellowships program (which had its first class in 1973) and the R&D Budget and Policy Program, which had started producing an annual analytic report on R&D in the federal budget and sponsoring an annual Colloquium on R&D policy in 1976 (which in 2001 was renamed the AAAS Forum on S&T Policy).  He came, then, at a time of the Association's growing awareness of the value of science policy activities.

Featured Chapters

Edward Derrick

Federal R&D - Sixty Years Advancing the Frontier
John Jankowski

From Apollo to ???: An Uncertain Future in Space
John Logsdon

An Abridged Tour through the Landscape of Misconduct and Research Integrity in Science
Mark Frankel

Science and Technology Policy Professionals: Jobs, Work, Knowledge, and Values
Susan Cozzens

The Science of Science Policy Considered Historically and Prospectively
Irwin Feller

Some Musings about Science Policy
Eugene Skolnikoff