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2022 AAAS Annual Meeting Theme


aaas 22 mosaic

Knowledge based on well-validated scientific discovery gives us the
ability to transform our world. Over the last half-century, new discoveries
from many different areas of science, technology, engineering,
mathematics, and medicine have provided solutions to seemingly
intractable problems. Research provides an unparalleled opportunity to
explore and transform our world in all its complexity and mechanistic
detail. It enables us to uncover fundamental aspects of how we relate to
our world and to one another.

And yet, while the trajectory of the future will be defined by both
the predictable and unexpected consequences of current scientific
endeavors, the value of and trust in science have diminished. Science
literacy, evidence-based decision making, science-based planning,
and the use of validated knowledge to drive public policy are no longer
universal societal aspirations. Engagement and communication must
ensure that the value of science becomes accessible to all.

The 2022 AAAS Annual Meeting will feature groundbreaking trans- and
multi-disciplinary research – not only to advance knowledge, but to
understand and ultimately resolve many of the problems we face. The
meeting will also highlight new initiatives in advocacy, education, and
policy to address the challenges of rebuilding the public’s trust and
appreciation of science.