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2022 AAAS Student E-poster Competition Winners

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2022 AAAS Student E-poster Competition Winners

The AAAS Student E-poster competition recognizes the individual efforts of students who are actively working toward an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral-level degree. The winners’ presentations displayed originality and understanding that set them apart from their peers.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Graduate Student First Place: Reiko Uenoyama, Iwate University

The Response to Plants Containing Iridoids Allows Cats to Repel Mosquitoes

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Edna Chiang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Hibernating Squirrel Microbiome Exhibits Seasonal Shifts in Genomic Composition

Undergraduate First Place: Marisa Arthur, Biola University

Killing Viruses (Bacteriophages) by Molecular Nanomachines

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Sarah Batarseh, University of California, Irvine

Caspase-8 Cleavage in Human Monocytes Infected with Toxoplasma Gondii

Brain and Behavior

Graduate Student First Place: Gregory Boyek, University of Pennsylvania

Quantitation of TDP-43 Localization for Genetic Targeting of Future ALS Therapeutics

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Danalaxshmi Ganapathee, University of Edinburgh

Conjuring The Dead: Using Ancient DNA Analysis to Understand Human Artistic Endeavors

Undergraduate First Place: Olivia Siu, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Effect of Simulated Cosmic Radiation on Male and Female Mice Behavior and Cognition

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Sandra Sandria, University of California, Irvine

A Kainic Acid Model of Juvenile Status Epilepticus and Exercise Intervention in Mice

Cell Biology

Graduate Student First Place: Joselyn Landazuri Vinueza, University of Washington

Elucidating Mechanisms of Transformation by Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Tumor Antigens

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Benjamin Robinson, Drexel University

Immature MVBs are Immobilized on a Subset of Septin-Associated Microtubules

Undergraduate First Place: Yashvi Shah, Drexel University

Astrocyte to Neuron Reprogramming for Spinal Cord Repair

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Lizeth Gutierrez, University of California, Irvine

Novel Multidrug Resistance IS1 Composite Transposon in Escherichia Coli IncX Plasmid

Developmental Biology Genetics and Immunology

Graduate Student First Place:  Shreya Soni, Drexel University

Identification and Targeted Delivery of Macrophage-Polarizing Drugs for Tissue Injury

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: James Nassur, Drexel University

THBS2 as a Genetic Modifier of Liver Disease Severity in Alagille Syndrome

Undergraduate First Place: Sarah Van Dijk, Arizona State University

P2RX7 Promotes CD8+ T Cell Memory Through Zeb2 Negative Regulation

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Iris Irby, University of Florida

Genetic Determinants of Microbial Survival on the International Space Station

Environment and Ecology

Graduate Student First Place:  Ghazal Shabestanipour, Tufts University

A Basin Level Robust Decision-Support Tool in Response to Hydrologic Changes

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Takaaki Ogura, The University of Tokyo

Radioimaging and Ion Flux Analysis Identify Sodium Ion Efflux Sites in Plant Roots

Undergraduate First Place: Kelsey O’Brien, Iowa State University

RNA Sequencing for The Masses

Undergraduate Honorable Mention:  Maggie Burdell, The University of Georgia

Population Distribution and Mortality of the Antarctic Scallop

Medicine and Public Health

Graduate Student First Place: Janelle Edwards, Drexel University

Associations Between Greenspace Utilization, Proximity, and Changes in Loneliness

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Rim Saab, Drexel University

Muscle Strength Treatment for Chronic Cough- A Four-Week Single Exercise Program

Undergraduate First Place:  Camryn Zurita, University of California, Irvine

Multidrug Resistance Region Is Globally Disseminated Across Diverse Bacterial Species

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Katy Trampel, The George Washington University

Chamber Specific Metabolic Profile of Adult Human Hearts

Physical Sciences

Graduate Student First Place:  James Malloy, Georgetown University

Efficient And Robust Metal Nanowire Foams for Deep Submicron Particulate Filtration

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Louis Mueller, Drexel University

Direct Oxazole Synthesis from Asmic, Alkyl Halides, and Acid Chlorides

Undergraduate First Place: Emily Saulino, Moravian University

Synthesis and Cytotoxicity Study of Novel Dirhodium Complexes

Undergraduate Honorable Mention:  Sky A Harper, Drexel University

In Situ Bulk Polymerization of Acrylic Acid Using DBD Plasma in Mesoporous Materials

Science in Society

Graduate Student First Place: Katherine Jordan, Carnegie Mellon University

Zero-Emission Vehicles? Not Without Climate Policy.

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Gabriela Reznik, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Gender Equity and Inclusion in Brazilian Informal Stem Education

Undergraduate First Place:  Samantha Maas, Arizona State University

Navigating Academic Biology as an LGBTQ+ Ph.D. Student

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Mariana de Araujo Bryan, Middle Tennessee State University

Undergraduate Biology Students’ Attitude and Communication About Covid19 and Vaccines

Social Sciences

Graduate Student First Place:  Carly Busch, Arizona State University

Coming Out to The Class: Students Benefit When Instructor Reveals Her LGBTQ+ Identity

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Virginia Katherine Blackwell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

AstroAmpSeq: Microbial Bioinformatics Education with Nasa Genelab’s Amplicon Pipeline

Undergraduate First Place: Swetha Rao, Drexel University

Music Therapy’s Impact on Chronic Pain Management and Opioid Use in Cancer Survivors

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Chole Bowen, Middle Tennessee State University

Experiences of Black Christian Students in Biology Graduate Programs

Technology, Engineering and Math

Graduate Student First Place: Sandhya Sharma, Florida Atlantic University

Pandemic Screening with A Low-Cost Covid 19 Diagnostic Chip

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Chenqi Fu, Pennsylvania State University

Evidence Synthesis with Reconstructed Survival Data

Undergraduate First Place: Jessica Rosendorf, Harvard University

Pressure Plate for Quantifying Balance and Plantar Perfusion

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Siddhanth Agrawal, Drexel University

Seirv Model of SARS-CoV-2 with Global Sensitivity Analysis

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