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2023 AAAS Annual Meeting Posters

2023 AAAS Student E-poster Competition Winners

The AAAS Student E-poster competition recognizes the individual efforts of students who are actively working toward an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral-level degree. The winners’ presentations displayed originality and understanding that set them apart from their peers.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Graduate Student First Place: Roxanne Evande, University of Delaware

A Quantitative Analysis of HPV E2 Protein-DNA Interaction in HPV

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Desarey Morales Vasquez, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Broad-Spectrum Antivirals Against ZIKV


Undergraduate First Place: Monisha Gupta, Drexel University

Optimization of cPTs to Improve Affinity and Potency to Target HIV-1 gp120 Trimer

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Briana Morales, University of California, Irvine

Characterizing the Role of T Cells in the Immune Response Against Alzheimer's Disease


Brain and Behavior

Graduate Student First Place: Pratusha Reddy, Drexel University

Improve Ability of Brain Hemodynamic Measures in Assessing Cerebrovascular Reactivity

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Deepa Reddy, Drexel University

Postoperative Pain Attenuation by Macrophage Derived Small Extracellular Vesicles


Undergraduate First Place: Abhishek Jeyapratap, Drexel University

A Structural Connectivity-Driven Neuroimaging Biomarker for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Nawal A. Syed, Drexel University

Sex-Related Differences in PACAP Expression in The PVT of Rats


Cell Biology

Graduate Student First Place: Matthew Cowan, Drexel University

Glioma Cells Use Low Pressure and Require Myosin Contractility to Invade 3D Collagen

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Kenji Sugita, Iwate University

Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of Sub-Zero Acclimation of Plant


Undergraduate First Place: Cierra Ord, University of Irvine, California

Environmental Escherichia Coli Harbors Atypical Class 1 Integron Encoding dfrA5 Gene


Developmental Biology Genetics and Immunology

Graduate Student First Place:  Shreya Soni, Drexel University

Injectable Hydrogels Enable Small Molecule Drug Delivery for Local Immunotherapy

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Joselyn Landazuri Vinueza, University of Washington

Understanding the Interaction Between δ-Catenin and Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Small T Antigen


Undergraduate First Place: Daniel Freeman, Drexel University

History of Genome Reduction in Cephalotes Gut Symbionts

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Sophia Aredas, University of California, Irvine

First Us Report of Environmental Escherichia Coli Carrying tetM


Environment and Ecology

Graduate Student First Place:  Kayla Burgher, Arizona State University

Assessing Net Illumination Using Four Light Types on a Diverse Array of Fish Species

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Selena Hinojos, George Washington University

Social and Environmental Vulnerability to Floods Investigating  Cross-Scale Hypotheses


Undergraduate First Place: Isabel Vargas, University of California, Irvine

IS26 Within Environmental Citrobacter Freundii Plasmid Mobilizes Multidrug Resistance

Undergraduate Honorable Mention:  Rahul Inaganti, Drexel University

Wolbachia-Mediated Protection Fails Against the Fungal Pathogen, Beauvaria Bassiana


Medicine and Public Health

Graduate Student First Place: Matthew Kent, Drexel University

Out-Of-Hospital Video Laryngoscopy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Ariel Silverman, Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine

Associations Between Social Determinants of Health and Total Healthcare Cost


Undergraduate First Place:  Isabel Suarez, University of California, Irvine

Novel Multidrug Resistance Region in E. Coli Formed by Multiple Transposable Elements

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Aayush Mehta, Drexel University

Is There a Difference in Ankle Fracture Treatment Depending on Patient Gender?


Physical Sciences

Graduate Student First Place:  John-Paul Marrazzo, Drexel University

Dearomatization of Benzonitriles with Lithiated Nucleophiles

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Shreyasi Sengupta, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Synthesis, Surface Modification and Environmental Impact of InSe Nanomaterials


Undergraduate First Place: Sarai Rankin, Morgan State University

Correlating Stellar & Protoplanetary Disk Masses in the Cep OB3b Star-Forming Region

Undergraduate Honorable Mention:  Yan Burets, Drexel University

Parametric Study of Mxene Current Collectors for Lithium-Metal-Based Batteries


Science in Society

Graduate Student First Place: Sarah Troise, Carnegie Mellon University

Public Attitudes Towards Electricity Decarbonization and Meeting 2035 Goals

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Emily Schafer, Northwestern University

Podcasting as a Tool for Science Communication Training for Early-Career Researchers


Undergraduate First Place:  Soumya Somani, Rice University

An Analysis of The Evolution of White House Bioscience Policy Through Pcast Reports

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Yufei Qi, Rice University

White House Science & Technology Policy - An Analysis of Clinton White House


Social Sciences

Graduate Student First Place:  Ji Eun Kim, Arizona State University

Resolving the Greening Dilemma: Pathways to Greening With and Without Gentrification

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Carly Busch, Arizona State University

Women Drive Efforts to Highlight Concealable Stigmatized Identities in Science


Undergraduate First Place: Abryana Kevelier-Williams, Drexel University

A Typology of America's Most Lethal Mass Shooters, 1991-2022

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Riley Hicks, Morehead State University

Are Gender/Social Disparities Associated with Stem Persistence in Kentucky Colleges?


Technology, Engineering and Math

Graduate Student First Place: Yang Xu, Drexel University

Bayesian Modeling for Assessing Racialized Economic Segregation and Mortality in US

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Phuong Bui, Drexel University

Phase Tranformation Under Mechanical Stresses During Tablet Compaction


Undergraduate First Place: Michaela Krawczyk, Indiana University

Abortion Storytelling in Online Communities

Undergraduate Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Busa, Drexel University

Synthesis of Large Flakes of Ti3C2Tx Mxene