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AAAS Annual Report 2012

Reports, Annual Report cover, 2012

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On the Cover

Even the seemingly pristine Galápagos Islands, one of the most biologically rich and diverse ecosystems on the planet, face increasing threats as a result of climate change, water pollution, invasive plants and animals and other challenges related to human activities. This famous view of Pinnacle Rock on Bartholomew Island was captured in February 2013 by Alan I. Leshner. An extinct volcano, Bartholomew Island features colorful lava formations and wildlife such as blue-footed boobies, Pacific green sea turtles, sea lions and a rare colony of Galápagos penguins. Pinnacle Rock (on the right) is a spear-shaped obelisk known as a "tuff cone," formed when sea water cooled volcanic magma, triggering an explosion that resulted in a huge igneous rock comprised of many thin layers of basalt.

Alan I. Leshner captured this photograph in February 2013.

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