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Right to Science Exemplars: Diffusion

The following exemplar demonstrates the steps that governments can take to ensure the "diffusion" of science as required by Article 15.

Access to knowledge

Diffusion of scientific knowledge is an essential ingredient for any thriving national research effort. In an attempt to increase access to domestic scientific know-how, the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) was established in 2006 to advance knowledge and education by providing support to researchers. In February 2009, the QNRF launched the Biannual National Research Survey (BNRS), an open access research database aimed at advancing the national science agenda. The BNRS is a comprehensive repository of 37 years of Qatari science and technology research, as well as abstracts of recent Masters and PhD dissertations. The online database is accessible to the public and includes all research, whether publicly or privately funded, that has taken place partly or entirely in Qatar since 1970. Updates will occur every two years, with the first wave of new additions scheduled for 2010.