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Burma: Shan State Image Analysis

Executive Summary
Papun District Image Analysis
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The ethnic conflicts that disrupt civilian life in Karen and Karenni States (also known as Kayah State) spill over into southern Shan State. The relations between the military government and their allies and resistance groups in the region is complex with the recent history marked by ceasefire agreements, the subsequent breakdown of the agreements, and intervening human rights abuses that occur. Village attacks and forced relocations have been a recurrent theme in 2005 and 2006 according to reporting from the Karen Human Rights Group and the Free Burman Rangers. Specific locations of village attacks analyzed with satellite imagery were obtained from the Thailand Burman Border Consortium.

Shan State Sites

An archival image from January 2000 was compared with a newly collected image from February 2007 (Images 23 - 25). Within the imagery that was purchased, three areas were identified where settlements or structures had been removed or apparently damaged.

Image 23: Removed Structures

The "before" image above (14 January 2000) depicts an approximate 24-structure settlement. The corresponding "after" image (01 Feburary 2007) shows all structures either completely destroyed or severely damaged. The damage corresponds with attacks in the area reported as having occurred between mid-2005 and mid-2006. Images GeoEye. (Lat: 19.94 N Long: 97.51 E)

Image 24: Removed Structures

Image pair above depicts approximately 17 structures that have been removed in the 01 February 2007 image, corresponding with reported attacks against villages in the area occurring sometime between mid-2005 and mid-2006. Before image: 14 January 2000, GeoEye. After image: 01 February 2007, Geoeye. (Lat: 19.98 N Long: 97.52 E)

Image 25: Removed Structures

The 14 January 2000 image above depicts a settlement of approximately 43 structures. In the "after" image of 01 February 2007, an estimated 23 structures are removed, destroyed, or damaged. Images GeoEye. (Lat: 19.95 N Long: 97.5 E)