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Karen State, Burma: Myawadi District Image Analysis

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>Myawadi District Image Analysis
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Myawadi district is located in southeastern Karen state, and according to reports by the FBR and TBBC, contains numerous areas that have been subjected to recent violence. Imagery obtained by AAAS SHR over this area dates from 2002, 2003, 2008, and 2009. Careful analysis of this imagery has resulted in the identification of thirty seven potential indicators of violent conflict, though in many cases they are more subtle in this region than elsewhere in Karen state. The most dramatic result was observed in a village of unknown name located approximately ten kilometers southwest of the Thai border. Although the settlement appeared superficially intact in post-attack imagery, none of the structures which were identified in earlier images appeared to have survived; all the structures were of recent construction. The removal of these earlier structures was difficult to discern without careful comparison of "before" and "after" imagery, due to the visual confusion introduced by the more recent buildings. It is possible that the structures present in the more recent images represent the reconstruction of the village following its destruction in an earlier incident.

Myawadi District Sites


Image One: Possible Reconstruction in Village


At top, on 06 December 2002, a village consisting of thirteen structures is present. Although a similar number of structures are present on 10 March 2009, none of the dwellings extant in 2002 (indicated by red dots) appear to have survived. This phenomenon may be evidence of reconstruction following an earlier attack. Image was obtained based on reporting by the TBBC. Top image GeoEye. Bottom image DigitalGlobe. (Lat: 16.58, Lon: 98.45)

Image Two: Possible Demolitions in town of Paw Bu Lah Hta


According to the Free Burma Rangers, in October of 2008 the town of Paw Bu Lah Hta was attacked by paramilitaries allied with the SPDC. Although the resolution of the available imagery renders a more detailed assessment of the damage difficult, it is nevertheless apparent that at least three structures (indicated by arrows) have disappeared from the town during a period which includes the alleged attack. Image was obtained based on reporting by FBR. Top image 10 February 2003, GeoEye. Bottom image 22 December 2008, SPOT Image. (Lat: 16.58, Lon: 98.45)