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Campus Event Toolkit Videos

These ten short videos are intended to be "conversation starters" to be shown during the event. They are "snippets" of interviews with and presentations by members of the scientific and human rights communities. Depending on your event's needs, you can play all of the videos in order from top to bottom, or select a few videos and hold a more in-depth conversation on one or two topics. Click here to access the videos as a playlist.

The Campus Event Toolkit videos were made possible by the AAAS-Andrew M. Sessler Fund for Science, Education, and Human Rights


Applying Science to Human Rights: "We can document that"

"Opening Up the Democratic Space" Using Technology

Case Study: DNA for victim identification and family reunification

A Role for Science in the Practice of Human Rights

The Human Rights of Scientists

"What are We Doing to Advance Human Rights?"

Case Study: Big Data "Conflicting results and power imbalances"

Tanks or trees? "Separate the analysis from the agenda"

Scientific Associations: A Leadership Role

The Right to Enjoy the Benefits of Scientific Progress