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Career Development Guide

This is an archive of the 2012 Annual Meeting. The 2014 Career Development Workshops can be found here.

The AAAS Annual Meeting is rich with activities for students as well as professionals and the general public. Following is a listing of career and work-force development activities that are free and open to all. Sessions are designed for everyone regardless of degree level or career stage.

Attendance at the Annual Meeting requires registration. To attend only these events for free, on-site registration is required. Name badges must be worn at all times. AAAS registration is located at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Exhibit Hall B1.

Below is a list of workshops by track. For more details, visit the online program.

Career Enhancement
Not Science as Usual: Become a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow
Lecturing and Tutoring at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Funding Opportunities in Europe for Creative Minds from Anywhere in the World

Career Pathways
The Engaged Scientist: Preparing for Careers that Involve Public Outreach
Creating Sustainable Career Paths in Global Health Research: Challenges and Solutions
Scientists and Engineers Working for Human Rights: Approaches to Effective Engagement
Keep Out! Kids Only: How To Morph Your Science into a Whiz-Bang Book for Kids

Communication Skills
Secrets of a Science Communicator: Engaging General Audiences
Bad Presenter Bingo: The Science Communication Game You Don’t Want To Win
Standing Up for Science: A Media Workshop
Sharing Science: Presenting Yourself and Your Work
Communicating in a Minute: Reaching Decision-Makers

Management, Resources and Tools
Beyond Fears, Myths, and Stereotypes: Effective Job Offer Negotiation Strategies
Searching for and Securing Your Next Job: Using Technology Effectively
Recommendation Letters: Requesting Them Effectively and Writing Them Efficiently

Personal Development
Being OUT in the Sciences: Best Practices
Just Outgoing Enough: Networking and Other Scary Interpersonal Adventures in Science
Boosting, Boasting, and Banning Bashing: Self-Promotion Techniques for Women

AAAS Staff Contacts

  • Jim Austin, Editor, Science Careers, jaustin(at)aaas(dot)org
  • Tracy Holmes, Worldwide Associate Director for Science Careers, tholmes(at)science-int(dot)co(dot)uk
  • Bill Moran, Worldwide Advertising Director, Science-Office of Publications and Membership, bmoran(at)aaas(dot)org
  • Elisabeth Pain, Contributing Editor for Europe, elisabeth.pain(at)absw(dot)org(dot)uk
  • Sean Sanders, Commercial Editor, Worldwide Outreach Director, ssanders(at)aaas(dot)org
  • For information about the AAAS Annual Meeting, contact Barbara Rice, Meetings Director, brice(at)aaas(dot)org.