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China and Research Integrity: Presentations

  • Keynote Lecture
    • China – Li Jinghai, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences (presentation)
    • U.S. – Alan Leshner, Chief Executive Officer of AAAS and Executive Publisher of Science
  • Session 1: Goals of Ethics Education, Audiences, and Content
    • U.S. – Michael Kalichman, Director of Research Ethics Program and Adjunct Professor of Pathology, UCSD (presentation)
    • China – Zhang Ze, Vice President, Beijing Institute of Technology (presentation)
  • Session 2: Instructional Approaches/Strategies: Formal Education
    • U.S. – Elizabeth Heitman, Associate Professor of Medicine, Center for Clinical and Research Ethics, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (presentation)
    • China – Gong Ke, President of Tianjin University (presentation)
  • Session 3: Instructional Approaches/Strategies: Informal Education
    • U.S. – Mark S. Frankel, Director of the Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law Program, AAAS (presentation)
    • China – Yan Chun-hua, Director, State Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Materials Chemistry and Applications, Peking University (presentation)