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Resource Information

Welcome to the web data resource for the International Center for Human Rights Research (CIIDH). Here you will find raw data on human rights violations in Guatemala during the period 1960-1996 that you can use for your own statistical analyses. The raw data are available in various formats, and one should suit your software’s needs. These files are between 300-700 kilobytes. The data are stored in a zipped compression format so that the data are much easier to download. There are numerous unzipping packages for GNU/Linux, Windows, and Macs.

For an explanation of how the data are structured and what the variables represent, see the data dictionary.

If you use these data, you must cite them with the following reference:

Ball, Patrick. (1999). AAAS/CIIDH database of human rights violations in Guatemala (ATV20.1). (put the date you downloaded the data in these parentheses).