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Strategies: Other Collaborative Tools


When communicating with others about your work, there are times when the goal is to collaborate in an open, all-inclusive forum in order for to all contribute to a given idea, deliverable or concept. If social media is too public for the project, what other tools are there?

Whether you are working with peers, implementing a learning activity with students or organizing an online discussion for the public, consider these options made possible by online platforms.

  • Wikis: On these sites, users can view, edit and contribute to an evolving content. While Wikipedia likely comes to mind, you can create your own wikis. Talk to your institution's technology department or search the Internet for information and tools for doing so.
  • Cloud Computing Collaboration: Similar in spirit to wikis, documents kept "in the cloud" can be shared, edited and read by groups without the need to email updates. Popular free platforms include Google Docs, Box Inc, or Dropbox, but a quick internet search will provide you with a list of options.
  • Chats: Online chat functions, including Skype, Facebook, and Google Chat or Voice, allow for real-time communication and provide a way for the dialogue to take place anywhere, anytime. Consider using chats to build upon in-person public engagement events, such as arranging a time to speak with audience members online to answer questions. You can advertise sessions on your social networking sites.