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Whereas the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)continues to believe that the strength of U.S. science and engineering and the productivity of academic scholarship requires free inquiry, and

Whereas the AAAS continues to recognize the crucial role of higher education in providing an environment in which democracy and inquiry can flourish,

Therefore, in support of the position of our affiliate, the Society for Social Studies of Science, the AAAS

    Recognizes that freedom of speech is central to the functioning of a democratic society;

    Underscores that higher education should play a crucial role in promoting these democratic values and contributing to an educated citizenry;

    Affirms the central role that critical debate and free inquiry play in enabling higher education to deliver this democratic function; and

Therefore, concludes that all members of society should be free to reflect critically upon, and constructively contribute to public debates on issues of technology, science, democracy and war.

[Approved by the AAAS Council on 17 February 2002.]