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COUNCIL RESOLUTION: Unity, Diversity, and Interdependence Among the Sciences

Whereas the economic well-being of the United States clearly depends in large measure on progress in the basic and applied sciences and engineering; and

Whereas the progress in the physical, mathematical, biological, and social sciences depends increasingly on an advancing understanding of the interrelationships among these fields and their components; and

Whereas the development of tools, methods, and theories in various fields of science and engineering has manifestly accelerated progress in other fields;

Therefore, be it resolved that the AAAS strongly urges continued, expanded, and balanced support for all branches of the physical, mathematical, biological, and social sciences which is needed to assure that this nation's response to the unique opportunities available to us in the 21st century fully reflects their importance in improving the welfare and education of its citizens.

[Approved by the AAAS Council, 18 February 2001.]