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DoSER at the 2020 AAAS Annual Meeting

Scientific Sessions

Responding to Climate Change: Science, Religion, and Cultural Practices

This session explored the interconnections between resilient communities and faith traditions. Topics discussed included current climate science data; how religious and indigenous communities are adapting to become more resilient; and how elements of various faith traditions, combined with cutting edge science, can provide resources and tools for communities.

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Susan Bratton, Baylor University

Vijaya Nagarajan, University of San Francisco

Todd A. Mitchell, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community


Patty Bowman, Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center

Todd A. Mitchell, Susan Bratton, Vijaya Nagarajan, Patty Bowman
Todd A. Mitchell, Susan Bratton, Vijaya Nagarajan, & Patty Bowman | Lilah Sloane-Barrett


Death in the 21st Century: What is Left Behind

Topics explored in this session included sustainable burial practices; social and legal dimensions of a digital “afterlife,” and questions of long-term curation, access and use of genetic data, and other health information. In discussing such topics, the aims were to develop socially and scientifically informed policies relating to these issues. 

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Lynne Carpenter-Boggs, Washington State University

Faheem Hussain, Arizona State University

Stephanie Malia Fullerton, University of Washington


Elizabeth Crocker, American Association for the Advancement of Science

DoSER program's "Death in the 21st Century" panelists speaking at the 2020 Annual Meeting
Faheem Hussain, Lynne Carpenter-Boggs, Stephanie Malia Fullerton, &<br/>Elizabeth Crocker | Lilah Sloane-Barrett

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Special Events

Connecting Scientific and Religious Communities: AAAS DoSER Reception

Annual Meeting attendees joined us at a reception to learn more about our work and how to get involved.

Jennifer Wiseman speaks to the crowd at the DoSER reception at the 2020 Annual Meeting
Jennifer Wiseman speaks at the AAAS DoSER Reception. | Lilah Sloane-Barrett

AAAS Pavilion: Engaging at the Intersection of Science and Religion

We discussed best practices for engagement at the interface of science and religion. We also covered strategies to foster positive science engagement with diverse publics, communities, and institutions.

Curtis Baxter speaks to a crowd during DoSER's lounge time at the 2020 Annual Meeting
Curtis Baxter tells the audience about DoSER. | Lilah Sloane-Barrett


Science Communication and Engagement with Religious Publics

AAAS facilitators led participants in a discussion of how considerations of faith and spirituality can be important in science communication and engagement. They also presented strategies and best practices for constructive, inclusive dialogue about science and society.

Emily Cloyd speaks during DoSER and the Center for Public Engagement's workshop at the 2020 Annual Meeting.
Workshop hosted by DoSER and The Center for Public Engagement with<br/>Science & Technology | Lilah Sloane-Barrett