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Handbook on Diversity and the Law: Navigating a Complex Landscape to Foster Greater Faculty and Student Diversity in Higher Education

A first-of-its-kind handbook from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the Association of American Universities (AAU) offers in-depth, cross-referenced legal resources to help promote effective diversity programs for science faculty and students. Set for release on 28 April, the handbook outlines legally sustainable ways to expand diversity on campuses, particularly within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

A limited number of print copies will be available, for a fee, upon request. To order, please email: Sabira Mohamed.

The report may be reproduced in whole or part without AAAS permission. However, the authors would appreciate notification by email of such reproduction.

Summary and Highlights
Front Matter/Table of Contents
Volume I

Chapters 1 through 6
1 – Preface and Project Overview (# of pages)
2 – Historical Context
3 – The Compelling Case for Diversity
4 – Key Definitions
5 – Race- and Gender-Neutral Alternatives
6 – Relevant State Laws: Voter Initiatives and Administrative Rules
Chapters 7 through 10
7 – Legal Issues Associated with Student Diversity
8 – Legal Issues Associated with Faculty Diversity
9 – Availability of Broader Discretion When Justified
10 – Enforcement

Volume II: Appendix

Appendices 1 through 4
1 – Relevant Constitutional, Statutory and Regulatory Authority
2 – Key Legal Opinions Involving Student Diversity
3 – Key Legal Opinions Involving Employment
4 – Diversity Considerations as They Relate to the First Amendments and Academic Freedom

Appendices 5 through 9
5 – Additional Resource Materials
6 – Government, Diversity-Related, Journal, Media, and Other Websites
7 – Policy Papers, Op Ed Process, and Miscellaneous Publications
8 – Professional Associations that Facilitate Recruitment in STEM
Disciplines, and Sample Institutional Outreach Plan Form
9 – Testimonials from U.S. Leaders in Support of Diversity on STEM Fields

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