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Human Enhancement in Sports

Capitol Hill Briefing, 2007

In November 2007, AAAS and the Hastings Center co-sponsored a Capitol Hill briefing in Washington, DC on gene doping. The expert panel included:

  • Theodore Friedmann, Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, University of California, San Diego
  • Thomas H. Murray, President, The Hastings Center
  • Mark Rothstein, Director, Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law at the University of Louisville School of Medicine
  • John Feinstein, Sports Writer, Washington Post; Contributor, National Public Radio

Gene Doping Symposium in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2008

AAAS and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), an international organization that provides comprehensive anti-doping monitoring and educational resources at Olympic and Paralympic Games, co-sponsored a symposium in June 2008 in St. Petersburg, Russia to discuss gene doping in sport. Resulting from the meeting was the St. Petersburg Declaration on Gene Doping, which includes policy recommendations.

Topics for Tuesday, 10 June 2008:

  • General review of current state of development of gene, cell and tissue therapies (T. Friedmann)
  • Overview of WADA research program for gene doping detection (O. Rabin)
  • Modern Techniques in Gene Research: prospect and applicability for the detection of gene  doping (A.S. Glotov/P.U. Dudkin)
  • Is there a distinction between therapy and enhancement worth preserving? What is it? (Eric Juengst)

Topics for Wednesday, 11 June 2008:

  •  Commercialization of gene doping in sports (Mark Frankel)
  •  Challenges for policy making for gene doping in the sport context (Barrie Houlihan)
  •  Legal Framework and Law Enforcement (David Howman)
  •  Ethics and enhancement – where does sport lead us? (Tom Murray)