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Human Rights in Global Health: Team-Based Learning Education Resource for Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows

Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a learner-centered active learning strategy for small groups (5-7 students) that can be implemented in large and small classes. This type of activity promotes learning in groups/teams and fosters collaboration. Students are assigned readings and are expected to come to class prepared. Roughly, TBL consists of 3 separate sections:

  1. Individual Readiness Assessment Test (iRAT) that consists of 5-15 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and is used to assess students’ preparedness for the class. Results are revealed by immediate feedback via an Audience Response System (ARS) or via the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT) “scratch-off” sheet;
  2. Team/Group Readiness Assessment Test (gRAT/tRAT) that consists of the same set of questions that students are now answering as a group;
  3. Application Exercises consisting of a set of problems that require applying the acquired knowledge in order to solve them. Students do the Application Exercises in groups/teams. All groups receive the same problem at the same time and report their answers as a group.

This resource is intended for teaching medical students, residents and fellows. Ten iRAT/gRAT questions are provided with the correct answers and the appropriate rationale. Two application exercises, followed by discussion questions and MCQs, answers, and the rationale for them are also provided. The resource consists of a Session Plan, required and recommended readings, a Faculty Guide, a Student Guide, iRAT/tRAT questions with answers, and Application Exercises with answers.

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