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Impact Report: On-call Scientists and Human Rights

The AAAS On-call Scientists initiative connect scientists, engineers and health professionals with human rights organizations that are in need of technical expertise. Since its launch in 2008, On-call Scientists has grown into an international network of 1,550+ professionals who stand ready to volunteer their time and knowledge to contribute to lifesaving and transformative human rights efforts. Around the world and in the United States, members of On-call Scientists promote, monitor and protect human rights. 

Are you looking for a way to contribute your scientific skills to protecting human rights? Click here to learn more about the impacts that On-call Scientist partnerships have made.

Graphic illustrating the number, geographic location, and disciplines of AAAS On-call Scientists volunteers.

Graphic depicting the types of assistance offered by AAAS On-call Scientists (such as support for scientists' human rights and forensic analysis).