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Comments by Dr. Marcia McNutt, editor-chief of the Science family of journals, Concerning a Sponsored Supplement on Chinese Medicine

6 January 2015

Comments by Dr. Marcia McNutt, editor-in-chief of the Science family of journals, Concerning a Sponsored Supplement on Chinese Medicine


The special supplement on traditional Chinese medicine, published by the journal Science on 19 December 2014, was a sponsored publication. The cover of the supplement clearly noted that it was “Sponsored by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Hong Kong Baptist University.” Because the special supplement was sponsored (paid) content, it should not be confused with the original, peer-reviewed research published by Science. No original research is published in these supplements; all articles are reviews of previously published work. These reviews are vetted by the guest editor and a global team of experts in traditional medicine. In addition, our custom publishing team takes care to ensure that sponsored supplements maintain the highest ethical standards. For example, Science does not publish sponsored supplements that are simply product advertisements disguised as scientific content. We also take care to ensure that sponsors do not have conflicts of interest that would cause readers to question the unbiased presentation of the material. The sponsors have paid for the content on traditional Chinese medicine to be freely available in a supplement to Science, although it has not been subjected to the same selectivity, peer review, or editorial standards as Science’s original research content.



《科学》杂志及《科学》系列期刊主编 Marcia McNutt 博士关于中医医学赞助增刊的评论说明