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News and Publication on AAAS Marion Milligan Mason Award Recipients


AAAS Marion Milligan Mason Award recipients were cited in the German journal publication Angewandte Chemie, along with recipients of the Federal President's Award for Technology and Innnovation 2015 Deutscher Zunkunftpreis and recipients of McArthur Fellows Program Awards offered to individuals who demonstrated creativity, originality and dedication in their work.


University of California, Irivine, published a news article on Dr. Katherine Mackey's research on ocean acidification and the unrevealed effects of global climate change.

As Dr. Mackey cited in the published article Sea Change: UCI oceanographer studies effects of global climate fluctuations on aquatic ecosystems
“They would tell us about upwelling and how the ocean wasn’t just this one big, homogenous bathtub, that there were different water masses, and they had different chemical properties that influenced what grew there,” she recalls. “I was mesmerized; it blew my mind.”