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Research in Practice: Preparing and Retaining K-12 STEM Teachers in High-Need School Districts

The National Science Foundation has been funding innovative proposals that address the critical need for recruiting, preparing, and retaining highly effective elementary and secondary mathematics and science teachers and teacher leaders in high-need school districts through the Noyce Program for the past two decades. In this volume, we provide eight research chapters, each study funded as part of the program’s research track (i.e., Noyce Research Track 4). As editors of this compilation, our goal for this volume was to provide a space for Noyce Research Track 4 researchers to highlight their emerging work to inform the field and, ultimately, to spark innovation and the adaptation of promising practices to support inclusive STEM teaching and learning in elementary and secondary schools, and in particular to support underrepresented students’ access and success.

Editors: Lauren Manier, Travis T. York, & Betty Calinger


Chapter 1: An Exploratory Study: The Role of Social Networks and Self-Efficacy in the Retention of Noyce Teachers

Authors: Meltem Alemdar, Jessica Gale, Christopher Cappelli, and Katherine Boice

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Chapter 2: Impacts of an Undergraduate STEM Teacher Recruitment and Preparation Program on Prospective Teachers’ Aspirations and Understanding

Authors: Stacey L. Carpenter, Erik Arevalo, Meghan Macias, and Julie A. Bianchini

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Chapter 3: Opportunity Openers for Preservice Science Teachers Experiencing the “Two-Worlds Pitfall”

Authors: Caroline Long, Soo-Yean Shim, Mark Windschitl, and Karin Lohwasser

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Chapter 4: Impacts of the STEM Teacher and Researcher (STAR) Program on Teachers, Students, and Classrooms

Authors: Sanlyn Buxner, Stamatis Vokos, John Keller, Catherine Good, Dermot Donnelly-Hermosillo, Larry Horvath, Deidre Sessoms, Elsa Bailey, Martyna Citkowicz, Melissa Yisak, Dan Moreno, Bo Zhu, Eleanor Fulbeck, Charlotte Chen, and Max Pardo

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Chapter 5: Understanding High Need: Exploring School and District Employment and Retention Patterns of Noyce Scholars in Texas

Authors: Toni Templeton, Chaunté White, Michelle Tran, and Catherine Horn

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Chapter 6: Making Sense of Science Teacher Retention: Teacher Embeddedness and Its Implications for New Teacher Support

Authors: Douglas B. Larkin, Liz Carletta, Suzanne Poole Patzelt, and Khadija Ahmed

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Chapter 7: How Early-Career Science Teachers Negotiate Their Beliefs and Practices During an Online Induction Program

Authors: Joshua A. Ellis, Natalie Carro, Andrew Marichal, Preethi Titu, and Gillian H. Roehrig

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Chapter 8: Viewing STEM Teacher Leadership Through a Communities-of-Practice Lens

Authors: Brett Criswell, Wendy M. Smith, Jan Yow, Christine Lotter, Sally Ahrens, Greg Rushton, Amanda Gonczi, S. Justin Polizzi, and Steve Barth

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