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Starter Kit: About the Coalition

Helping Your Scientific Society Promote Human Rights: About the Coalition

The AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition is a network of scientific membership organizations that recognizes a role for science and scientists in efforts to realize human rights. Launched in January 2009, the aim of the Coalition is to facilitate communication and partnerships on human rights within and across the scientific community, and between the scientific and human rights communities.

The Coalition as a whole meets twice a year, in January and July, providing members the opportunity to discuss human rights issues central to the mission of the Coalition, participate in working meetings, and take part in training and workshops on topics at the junction of science and human rights. The principal substantive work of the Coalition is undertaken throughout the year through the Coalition’s programs.


Coalition members work both through working groups devoted to specialized areas of activity and together on an over-arching initiative. The Coalition is currently committed to the following areas of activity:

  1. Welfare of Scientists
  2. Science Ethics and Human Rights
  3. Service to the STEM Community
  4. Service to the Human Rights Community
  5. Education and Information Resources

The Coalition is also pursuing a joint initiative to help realize the human right to “the benefits of scientific progress.”

Further information about the Coalition’s programs, mission and goals, membership, and organizational structure is available in the Foundational Documents and Plan of Action (2009-2011).


Scientific associations, professional societies, and science academies that recognize a role for science and scientists in the realization of human rights are welcome to join the Coalition as Member Organizations. Those wishing to learn more can join as Affiliated Organizations. Individual scientists can also join as Affiliated Scientists in order to learn more about science and human rights, help in introducing human rights to their scientific associations, or contribute to human rights through participation in a coalition working group. Membership is free.