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Science and Policy

Partners for the Earth: Scientists and Religious Groups Working for the Environment

Sharing a deep concern for the environment, scientists and religious communities are demonstrating the power of working together for global good. This symposium focused on several exemplary programs for environmental protection or restoration that are enabled and enhanced by partnerships between scientists and faith-based groups. When scientists share vital information with religious communities that are motivated by beliefs and values to uphold the environment, the results are powerful and effective. Starting with a discussion of the remarkable documentary “Renewal”, on the power of informed religious communities taking action for the environment, several successful programs-in-action will be presented. The Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, for example, brings together environmental science and Christian principles of stewardship to enable informed “Creation Care” projects. “EcoSikhs” are carrying out scientifically informed projects in Sikh communities and congregations that make a difference in local communities around the world. And the recently launched Environmental Protection Agency’s Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships Initiative begins an historic federal effort to link environmental science to US religious communities. The symposium will conclude with a discussion of the global religion and environmental care landscape and how scientists can helpfully inform and serve alongside faith?based public groups in efforts to promote environmental care.

Organizer: Jennifer Wiseman, AAAS Center for Science, Policy, and Society Programs
Co-Organizer: Peyton West, AAAS Center for Science, Policy, and Society Programs
Discussants: Jennifer Wiseman, AAAS Center for Science, Policy, and Society Programs
and Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University


  • Calvin DeWitt
    Director, Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies
  • Bandana Kaur
    North American Program Manager, EcoSikh
  • Mary Evelyn Tucker
    Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Scholar, Yale University



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