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Scientific Integrity

Scientific Integrity
AAAS/NAS Bibliography

Trust and accountability are integral to the research enterprise and the sharing of scientific information. To demonstrate its commitment to protecting the integrity of science, AAAS is pleased to collaborate with the National Academy of Sciences to promote informed discussions as well as resources on the standards for ethical conduct in all fields of study.

In the News

In the interests of public trust in the integrity of science, the journal Science has released a statement to correct public misrepresentations of two research articles related to climate change. More information on global warming and climate change is available through a searchable collection of the National Academies Press. Videotaped commentary by the Science editor-in-chief also is available within the AAAS Science Talk Experts & Speakers Database

Ethical Challenges and Dilemmas

  • Integrity in Scientific Research: Video challenging scientists to define ethical problems, identify options for responding, and assess those options in light of their own experiences [2000]
  • The Role and Activities of Scientific Societies in Promoting Research Integrity: Report of a conference that reviews a history of the perceived roles and activities of scientific societies in promoting ethical conduct, discusses codes of ethics and support activities, and concludes with some findings and recommendations for research and action related to the societies’ roles in promoting research integrity [2000]

Health Sciences

  • Neuroscience and the Law: Report examining some of the challenges to the legal system posed by advances in neuroscience, including those related to “free will,” culpability, addiction, personal privacy, lie detection, and predicting behavior [2004]
  • Human Inheritable Genetic Modifications: Assessing Scientific, Ethical, Religious, and Policy Issues: This report is a product of a two-and-a-half-year project to assess the scientific, ethical, religious, and policy issues associated with interventions in the human germ line [2000]

Intellectual Property

Engineering and IT


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  • Editorial: Where Science Meets Society,” Alan I. Leshner, Chief Executive Officer, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Executive Publisher, Science [Science 11 February 2005: Vol. 307. no. 5711, p. 815]

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