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Study of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence among Older Populations in Situations of Conflict-Induced Displacement

AAAS is partnering with HelpAge USA to conduct a study assessing the prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence (GBV) among persons older than 49 years of age in populations of protracted displacement.  

About the Project

AAAS's partnership with HelpAge USA will ensure the scientific rigor of the study and that it is undertaken in a way that is ethically responsible, mindful that the subjects of the study are among the most vulnerable victims of human rights violations. To that end, AAAS, in coordination with an advisory council, will identify and coordinate ethicists and a multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified scientists who have experience conducting prevalence studies in vulnerable and marginalized populations. AAAS is undertaking activities on data collection, pilot testing, ethics and methodology training for field researchers, and preparation of the final technical report. 

Research Advisors:
Elizabeth Kwagala
Mary Gray
Susan Hinkins
Coleen Kivlahan
Eric Meslin
Elena Molchanova
Patrick Vinck
Stephen Wandera

Additional Research Support:
Michelle Kaufman
Tino Kreutzer
Sobia Masood
Arwa Oweis
Sandra Zakowski

Download the Report