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SRHRL Past Projects: Toolkit Identifying Best Practices on Human Rights Documentation

At the invitation of the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG), AAAS joined a Consortium aimed at developing a toolkit that identifies best practices in human rights documentation using science and technology. The toolkit is available here.

About the Project

PILPG brought together organizations with expertise in human rights sectors and technical expertise to create a toolkit of best practices. The Consortium also built an online community of relevant stakeholders to sustain dialogue about new and emerging forms of human rights documentation and the associated challenges and risks.

By leveraging expertise in working with human rights partners and creating resources for partnerships between technical experts and human rights practitioners, AAAS supported collaboration between stakeholders and the creation of a comprehensive set of interactive resources for human rights documentation. AAAS also facilitated the use of Trellis, an online, customizable communication platform built by AAAS, for the management of virtual focus groups and roundtable discussions.