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Working With Congress: A Scientist’s Guide to Policy

By Kasey Shewey White and Joanne P. Carney


Working with Congress

Working With Congress is a guide to success in interacting with the government. It will help you determine which route of communication is best suited to your issue, who to speak to and when, what to do to prepare, and how to follow up. Developed by science policy experts in consultation with members of Congress and government staff, Working With Congress distills decades of science policy practice into one slim volume.

Several science policy experts contributed to the review and content of this book. A special thanks to Laura Pomerance, David Goldston, Kei Koizumi, Jack Crowley, Erin Heath, Stephen Nelson, and Phillip Chalker for their insights and expertise, and to Samantha Pearlman, Meagan Biwer, Jamie Wheeler, and Catherine Kolf for their research and editorial assistance. Web production by Elizabeth Robinson.