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AAAS Sections

A key benefit of AAAS membership is the ability to join up to three AAAS Sections. These special interest groups are where members connect with colleagues, leaders and community members involved in a particular branch of science or engineering and influence the activities and direction of the Association. 

Each Section has a steering committee responsible for nomination and review of AAAS Honorary Fellows and symposia proposals for the AAAS Annual Meeting. Each steering committee is comprised of nine officers: chair, nominations/leadership development chair, membership engagement chair, secretary, early career representative, non-academic representative, council member, and two members-at-large. 

Join a Section(s)

Individual members of AAAS may join up to three Sections. 
To join or update your Section affiliations, login and select “Edit My Sections.”

24 Sections (click to see section officers)

Agriculture, Food, and Renewable Resources (Section O)
Anthropology (Section H)
Astronomy (Section D)
Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences (Section W)
Biological Sciences (Section G)
Chemistry (Section C)
Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences (Section R)
Education (Section Q)
Engineering (Section M)
General Interest in Science and Engineering (Section Y)
Geology and Geography (Section E)
History and Philosophy of Science (Section L)
Industrial Science and Technology (Section P)
Information, Computing, and Communication (Section T)
Linguistics and Language Science (Section Z)
Mathematics (Section A)
Medical Sciences (Section N)
Neuroscience (Section V)
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Section S)
Physics (Section B)
Psychology (Section J)
Social, Economic, and Political Sciences (Section K)
Societal Impacts of Science and Engineering (Section X)
Statistics (Section U)

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