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Senate briefing features simulated cyber attack

While the Senate is considering cybersecurity legislation, the Obama administration held a closed-door briefing for Senators from both parties which presented a simulated cyber attack on New York City's power supply system. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who is co-sponsoring a cybersecurity bill with Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT.), called the mock attack "very compelling," according to Bloomberg News.

Obama supports the Lieberman-Collins bill, the report said. The bill directs the Department of Homeland Security to set cybersecurity regulations for companies deemed critical to U.S. national and economic security. A competing bill, sponsored by eight Republicans, would avoid new rules while promoting information-sharing incentives such as protection from lawsuits.

Internet-service providers AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. say government-imposed rules could impede innovation and also support information-sharing incentives.

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